Monday, February 7, 2011

PC Pandora - Keep an Eye on your Staff

Are your concerned that your work staff are not doing what they should online? Do you want to make sure that they are actually working during the workday? Well I asked myself these same questions when I noticed a slack in productivity from my staff. I tried talking to some of them but I go the same answer each time, and thats when I decided to take things into my own hands. I looked around for products to monitor their online and offline activities, and after reading through many reviews I came upon PC Pandora. This product has been features on the Montel Willaims Show, Tyra Banks Show, and so many more. After seeing all this I new this was going to be a great product and decided to check it out.

PC Pandora is silent, which means that my staff has no way of knowing that it's running on their computer. This is an amazing feature to have, and is key to making sure everyone is staying on task. Another great feature is the product is password protected, which means only I am able to change settings, or view its log.

Let me tell you, the log is detailed and amazing. It has screen captures, keystroke logger, site monitor, and so much more. I am able to see live images of what is on their PC, on mine. I can also see what sites they logged into, what webpages they have visited, or what they are doing offline or online. I don't have to be on my computer to view these logs either, I am able to login and view live screen caputer or keystrok logs from my smart phone as well. Which means even when I am on a buisness trip I can make sure they are working.

Being able to blacklist sites is also a great feature. Their are some sites that I know my staff should not be viewing while at work, and I am able to block in a matter of seconds. Another great tool to keep them on task, and not spending their time viewing videos or surfing innapropriate or dangerous sites.

After getting PC Pandora I have been able to spike the problem at its source, and my staff have been more motivated and productive during the work day. If you are interested in learning more about this software or are interested in buying it check out PC Pandora's official webiste here.